How Green Are We?

A new report on plants worldwide found that there are roughly just under 400,000 different plant species on Earth that now cover 30% of Earth’s land mass. While it sounds like a lot, building sustainable plant life is vital for our green future. 

As world populations expand, natural resources are consumed and environments significantly changed, people and communities are taking action locally, nationally, and globally to maintain plant life.Plants make food, plants make oxygen, plants provide habitats for animal life, plants help make and preserve oil and fuel, plants provide important material for use in everyday life, such as cotton or products medicines and, with the help of Greenworks, plant life can provide beauty to boost well being and productivity in your work environment. 

When we build a plantscape for office buildings, we never think the job is done until we have planted trees, shrubs, and flowers to make your work environment pleasant beautiful, which is why we not only design and install plantscape but we do all the work to maintain them.

That is why we are serious about sustainable plant life.  


Our Company Sustainability Program


Our Greenworks company fleet includes high mile per gallon Prius hybrids, Rav 4s and economy‐pickup trucks. We’re committed to saving gas, lowering carbon emissions and having a small global footprint. Our route vehicles are GPS enabled to lower energy costs. We work with our clients to place plants in areas with high natural light so that Artificial lights aren’t left on 24/7/365.


Greenworks was an early adopter (1991) of high tech sub‐irrigation in the interior plantscape industry. Whenever possible, we use sub‐irrigation throughout our inventory of interior plants to lower water use. We also practice the art and science of “xeriscaping” using dryer indigenous species where applicable to lower water use.


We recycle our cardboard boxes and packaging back to our vendors. We are an extensive user of E-commerce to save paper. Wherever possible, we email Adobe PDF documents and other attachments for estimating, bidding and accounting functions. We buy planters from vendors that use natural renewable resources such as bamboo  or low Voc made planters.


We use bio‐ degradable organic solutions for pest control, never toxic pesticides. Our techs apply hot pepper wax, Neem oil and rubbing alcohol to remove bugs and shine plants. Our organic soil mixtures sustain micro‐organisms to keep plants healthy without chemical fertilizers. When necessary, we use bio‐controls like lacewings (and other good bugs) to eat thrips (and other bad bugs). We buy Hawaiian
Grown plants as the volcanic ash does not harbor insects in soil. Our sustainability practices lower costs! Sub‐irrigation, a design orientation towards natural light, “xeriscaping” that is the design and use of low water need plants in design , AA+ grower green practices quality plants. 

Interior Xeriscaping since 1991.

Cut Away Controlled Watering irrigation inserts product as used on NASA space shuttle flights to grow plants in space. This technology cuts down on water usage and improves visual results as plants will receive exactly the correct amount of water needed and do not dry down between weekly service visits. Using this technology saves our clients as we pass along the savings on labor time and fewer needed plant replacement costs thus reducing the cost of the monthly contract while creating a better visual result.

See our installation manual for full information, click here. 

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